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A modular virtual assistant for the crazy ones.

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Aria is a virtual assistant that aims to fast-track your daily workflows while maintaining your privacy. At its core, Aria is composed of numerous command plugins that parse your queries and act on them. Aria's base command set provides convenient features such as creating daily notes, jumping to folders, files, and websites that you visit often, saving and launching workflow contexts, opening the last closed application, searching various sites, controlling windows, and so on. If these features aren't enough, or if you want less for some reason, you can choose to install as many or as few command plugins as you want, and you can even create your own using Aria's powerful APIs.

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Aria can only be installed on MacOS currently.

Required Modules:


If you found a bug, fixed a bug, or simply have questions, please create an issue.


If you have any questions about Aria that are not addressed in the documentation, or if you just want to talk, feel free to email