Stephen's Space


AppleScript Libraries

AppleScript libraries providing a variety of functionalities.


A modular personal assistant for macOS with contextual awareness and a focus on extensibility.

Clickable Detail

A custom component for rendering dynamic detail views within Raycast, coupled with a system for detecting and responding to mouse interactions.

Image Modification

A Raycast extension for on-the-fly image adjustments, filtering, and conversion.

Internet Radio

A Raycast extension for streaming internet radio stations.


A Python package for manipulating images using Objective-C frameworks.


A proof-of-concept macOS menu bar application created using my PyXA Python package.


A Raycast extension for pinning anything with a path or URL to the menu bar, with support for pinning Terminal commands as well.


A Raycast extension for creating powerful, contextually-aware AI commands using placeholders, action scripts, selected files, and more.


A Python package for automating macOS applications using JXA-like syntax, providing a high-level interface for interacting with macOS applications and technologies.