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A Raycast extension for pinning anything with a path or URL to the menu bar, with support for pinning Terminal commands as well. Quickly navigate to your favorite sites, folders, and files, conveniently execute Terminal commands, and intuitively manage pins and groups from within Raycast.

Example of the Pins menu bar command in action

Feature Overview


Command Description
Show Pins Initiates the menu bar extra
View Pins Lists all pins, allows you to edit existing or rearrange existing pins
View Groups Lists all groups, allows you to edit existing groups
New Pin Creates a new pin with a given name, URL/path, icon, and group assignment
New Group Creates a new group with a given name and icon
Copy Pins Copies a JSON representation of your pins and groups to the clipboard
Import Data Imports a JSON string containing pins and groups


Resource Description
Main Repository The main repository for the Pins extension, containing the latest release and all documentation
Placeholders Guide A guide to the placeholders system used in Pins
Development Log Detailed changelog of all updates to Pins


If you have any questions about PyXA that are not addressed in the documentation, or if you just want to talk, feel free to email